Riding the Rip


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Ever swam in glacier water?

Majestic Hairflip 2013

Aug 8
A gift to myself for landing a job at a prestigious electric company. Was a good day.

A gift to myself for landing a job at a prestigious electric company. Was a good day.

Aug 5


Aug 3

Newly Obese- After Graduation

Why fat people? Just please tell me why.

Why don’t people ever realize that they get fat and be like “Holy shit I’m fucking disgusting I need to change this now”?

It’s a shame to see so many of my beloved peers go from high school supermodels to beached whales barely able to stand up properly. It’s actually fucking stupid, do they just look at themselves and say “Oh I’ve always been a fat disgusting shit, I’m still a good person though so I’ll just not do anything different”?

Free reality check coming right up:

You are not beautiful on the inside.

You do not deserve everybody’s respect. Nobody will respect your neglect to your own health.

You are not supposed to be comfortable with your body image.(Especially if it’s an image of a fat sac of dick shit)

These are the very same assholes that talk for hours with infinite enthusiasm, go out clubbing every weekend, always eat at restaurants, drink heavily, and then cry to you and say their lonely. Wanna know why? It’s because nobody wants to pork a baggy eyed, food dump, droopy cheeked fat fuck at the end of the night. 

I hope you hate yourself and never find love you fat piece of shit. You take up too much room on this planet, you take up too much resources to keep alive, and people a few blocks away are on the street and starving. 

When you learn self discipline on the most basic level of yourself maybe you can join the rest of the population and actually do things with us. 

It really isn’t so hard. 

All you have to do is not eat the synthetic garbage that everyone calls food. If it isn’t a fresh fruit, vegetable, or natural meat, it’s a dairy or gluten chemical cocktail of cancer, dementia, and diabetes.

But it’s okay if you don’t want to give up your grilled cheese sandwiches and pizza, just don’t take up a bed in the hospital before you die because some people actually need them. Guaranteed any ailment you have can be cured with natural ingredients, stop taking those toxic meds and get yourself educated you miserable whale fuck.

Get the fuck off my planet.


New baby delivered into my hands and delicately cared for


Oohhh. I love these. 

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Jul 6
Wife that shit

Wife that shit